Our future. Preparing to teach sexuality and life-skills. An awareness training manual for teachers and community workers.

Learning & Teaching Materials
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
89 p.

"Preparing to teach sexuality and life skills" is part of the Our future series of pupils' and teachers' books published by International HIV/AIDS Alliance in 2008 . These resources are aimed at teachers and anyone else interested in teaching sexuality and life skills in the community; for example, peer educators, health practitioners, traditional and religious leaders and parents. The series is a result of collaborative work with trainers, teachers and sexual and reproductive health experts in Zambia. Before teachers can teach their pupils about HIV, sexuality, gender and life skills, they need an opportunity to explore their own values, hopes and fears, knowledge and skills related to this area of life. This manual is designed to provide this opportunity and to prepare teachers and others by exploring gender and sexuality issues in their own personal and professional lives. The content is the following: Introduction; session 1: Setting the scene; session 2: growing up, in the past and now; session 3 : What are we doing now and what more can we do ; session 4 : gender in our lives; session 5 : sexuality, SRH and life-skills; session 6 : learning from children about their needs; annex. The activities in the manual equip teachers with a stronger understanding of sexuality, gender, sexual and reproductive health and HIV and AIDS and the self-awareness, values and skills to play an effective role in HIV prevention, care and impact mitigation in their schools and the community. This includes providing supportive, positive role-models, creating a safe environment, reducing stigma and discrimination and teaching sexuality and life skills effectively. Teachers also engage in participatory activities, which motivate and help them to use similar methodologies with their pupils. The training uses an adult interactive learning approach. Participants engage in experiential learning activities to explore their own lives and how they impact on their work as teachers and will make a plan of action to learn from pupils about their concerns, needs and interests in relation to sexuality and life skills and how these can best be met at school. Teacher training schools, provincial, district and zonal trainers, schools and external trainers can use the activities in the manual in a flexible way depending on their needs, resources and time available.

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