Poleznaja Privivka - uchebnoe posobie po profilaktike VICH/SPIDa dlja 10-11 klassov obscheobrazovatel'noj shkoly. Materjal dlja uchitelja.

Learning & Teaching Materials
Project Hope Russia
74 p.

This manual, intended for teachers of secondary schools (grades 10-11) is part of an HIV and AIDS education programme called "useful inoculation", which was developed within the project "Healthy Russia 2020" by the authors of the "Project Hope Russia", and implemented in several schools of five Russian regions. The main aim of this programme is to develop the life skills that will allow learners to prevent from HIV and avoid drug use, and also to show empathy and support towards people living with HIV and AIDS. The present manual is divided into two main parts. The first one explains the project's content and goals and provides advice regarding the methodology to be used during the lessons. The second part consists of seven lessons plans for the 10th grade and four for the 11th grade. A lot of interactive activities are proposed in the first part. Furthermore, tips are given in order to guarantee a friendly atmosphere in the classroom. The lessons presented in the second part include themes such as "Tell me what you feel", "Think about your future", "Be patient", "Sex and health", "Sex and danger", "Support and sympathy", etc. For each lesson are given the objectives, the tasks, the life skills that will be developed, the issues that will be discussed, useful theoretical explanation on the topic, tips regarding the preparation of the lesson, and a detailed description of the different steps of the lesson, including very well explained interactive activities.

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