Preservice implementation guide. A process for strengthening preservice education

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Schaefer, Lois
98 p.

This guide was adapted from the WHO document Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI): Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Pre-Service Training (working draft, 2001). The process for strengthening preservice education that this guide describes is aligned with that of WHO, but also presents a broader approach than WHO's focus on IMCI. This guide reflects JHPIEGO's considerable body of experience in strengthening preservice education in over 20 countries since 1995, focusing on medical, nursing, midwifery programs and strengthening reproductive health and maternal and newborn health content. This guide describes the step-by-step process used to create a positive environment on the national level for strengthening preservice education and the steps taken on the institutional level to improve the existing curriculum and its implementation. This guide is intended to meet the needs of several audiences: national authorities, to help them understand the level of effort, resources, and time needed to strengthen preservice education; key individuals at national and institutional levels to direct the step-by-step process needed to strengthen and implement preservice curricula; and those responsible for monitoring and evaluation systems, to use the guide to identify the vital role of M&E in strengthening preservice education.

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