Red Ribbon. It's not who you are that puts you at risk for HIV infection. It's what you do.

Learning & Teaching Materials
New Delhi
UNESCO Office New Delhi
88 p.

Red Ribbon is a booklet which is part of the pilot project "Engaging Young People to Prevent the Spread of HIV" implemented by the NGO SPACE (Society for People's Awareness, Care and Empowerment) and supported by UNESCO, New Delhi. In 2007, this project is already operational in 10 colleges of Delhi University and aims to enhance knowledge and skills of young people so that they are empowered to respond effectively to the challenges posed by HIV and AIDS. The booklet aims to address the questions, misconceptions and myths prevalent among educated youth about HIV and AIDS and related issues. It is designed in a simple way to give young people practical answers to their questions and make them responsible people as agent of change. The booklet contents seven chapters : (i) HIV and AIDS; (ii) Sexuality transmitted infections; (iii) Sex and Sexuality (which includes sexual orientation and sexuality issues for girls and boys); (iv) Care and Support; (v) Human Rights; (vi) Life skills for Young People; and finally a (vii) List of services available in Delhi which provides addresses for Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centers, Sexually Transmitted Infections Treatment Clinics, Anti-retroviral Drugs Centers and Care Support Centers.

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