Strengthening care and support services in the era of treatment: Symposium report, 22-23 November 2005, Johannesburg, South Africa

Conference Reports
Washington, DC
Population Council
22 p.

In response to a growing call from program managers and researchers in South Africa to engage in a dialogue with policymakers and donors about strengthening care and support services in the era of treatment, the Horizons Program organized a one-and-a-half day symposium on 22-23 November 2005 in Johannesburg. The symposium was designed to review current research and field experiences in order to identify ways to strengthen care and support programs, and to link them with treatment services. It also aimed to identify research, program, and policy gaps and priorities. This report focuses on key issues highlighted by symposium participants in their presentations and priority lists, and during the discussions that followed, and is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis of all current care and support topics in the region. These key issues cluster around the following themes: Meeting the care, support, and treatment needs of different populations; Strengthening the delivery of care and support services by outside caregivers; Linking home- and community-based care with treatment and other services. The report also includes research, policy, and program recommendations that were formed in the small group discussion of the priority lists.

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