Supporting orphans and other vulnerable children through communication and basic counselling: a reference guide for service providers

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Uganda. Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
74 p.

There have been many counselling interventions since the onset of HIV/AIDS in Uganda but most have focused on adults. The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) with CORE Initiative and CORE Initiative partners identified that the specific needs for counselling of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC), defined under different categories within the National Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children's Policy (NOP), still need to be addressed. This guide has therefore been written as a reference resource for non-professional counsellors who need to provide some basicá counselling as part of psychosocial support for the children in their care or through their projects. This Guide will be useful for anyone working with children including people who may not necessarily be professional child counsellors. The Guide will benefit those who need some basic knowledge and skills for providing guidance and counselling in a non-professional way to children and for those hoping to improve the services they are providing to child clients. In particular, this manual will be used to provide project staff in MGLSD Governmentá departments, NGOs and CSOs with a resource to enable them to build their capacity to adequately respond to the counselling needs of OVC.

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