Zimbabwe's Child-Friendly National Action Plan for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children: Adding Value by Facilitating Child Participation

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Children have the right to participate in the implementation of national policies for children, and their participation adds value to the policy implementation process. As a result, enabling and enhancing child participation in national policies is an important aim of communication for development. However, a significant challenge to facilitating child participation in policy implementation is how to communicate policy details to children of varying capacities. After all, how can children meaningfully participate in the implementation of policies if they can't, to the best of their ability, understand the policies themselves? In order to facilitate child participation in the policies that affect them, this paper argues that it is critical to communicate policy information to children in a child-friendly way and to create these child-friendly communication tools through a process that itself embraces child participation. The paper concludes by offering recommendations to stakeholders in Zimbabwe for how to maximize the CF NAP's value-added, and to organizations and governments in other countries for how they could approach developing their own child-friendly communication tools.

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