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AMAZE (video resources online)

AMAZE is a series of resources that aim to harness the power of digital media to provide young adolescents around the globe with medically accurate, age-appropriate, affirming, and honest sexuality education they can access directly online, regardless of where they live or what school they attend

Learning & Teaching Materials
Learning & Teaching Materials | 2019

Professional learning standards for sex education

The PLSSE is divided into four domains: context for sex education, professional disposition, best practices, and key content areas. Each domain includes indicators related to educator’s knowledge of content, familiarity with teaching methods, and understanding of best practices.

Toolkits & Guides
Toolkits & Guides | 2005

Creating safe space for GLBTQ youth: a toolkit

The goal of this toolkit is to enable staff of mainstream youth-serving organizations to create a safe and welcoming environment for GLBTQ youth by directly addressing homophobia and transphobia among staff and youth.

Advocacy Materials
Advocacy Materials | 2021

A call to action: LGBTQ+ youth need inclusive sex education

This report provides guidance for parents and families, youth, educators, and policymakers to: 1) Become advocates for LGBTQ+-inclusive sex education; 2) Ensure that school is a safe and accepting space for LGBTQ+ students; 3) Implement LGBTQ+-inclusive sex education in schools, community setting

Learning & Teaching Materials
Learning & Teaching Materials | 2015

Rights, Respect, Responsibility

Rights, Respect, Responsibility® is a curriculum developed by Advocates for Youth. It meets the National Sexuality Education Standards in the United States and covers ages K - 12 (approx. ages 5-18).