Feedback from student teachers at Molepolole College of Education on issues related to HIV/AIDS education at CJJS's and Molepolole College of Education, including the use of the Talkback programme

Programme Reports & Evaluations
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This report analyses the response to a questionnaire given to 176 2nd and 3rd year Molepolole College of Education (MCE) students at the beginning of term two after they had returned from their teaching practice (TP) of 2004. They were given the questionnaire in their first special needs education lecture of the second term. Although the questionnaire had not been piloted it had been checked by colleagues at college and by a physician working for UNICEF. The questionnaire yielded both numerical and qualitative data. Many of the quotes from the students' replies are directly reported and they were all analysed to enable the major themes to emerge.Students at MCE are training to become teachers in Community Junior Secondary Schools (CJSS). They follow a three year diploma programme at college in which they study a major and minor subject plus the service subjects of Foundations of Education, Communication and Study Skills, and a Special Needs Education awareness course.During the first term (Jan - April) of their second and third years they spend 10 weeks on TP at CJSS's across southern Botswana. On this TP they teach both their major and minor subjects. They are assessed by college lecturers and school staff during this period.The full copy of the questionnaire is in Appendix 1. The responses have been divided into four sections. At the end of the data analysis in each section there is a discussion of the results. Recommendations are made in a final section.Section One - General background Questions 1 - 4 are general background.Section Two - The Talkback Programme Questions 5 - 17 relate directly to the Talkback programme (Teacher Capacity Building programme) and its use in schools and the college.Section Three - Universal Precautions / Health and Safety Questions 19 - 25 relate to general health and safety issues in the CJSS's with reference to the WHO Universal Precautions.Section Four - Teaching resources and curriculum issues Questions 26 - 33 are related to resources and curriculum content with reference to HIV AIDS and question 34 is a general question.

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