HIV and AIDS, treatment education. Technical Consultation Report

Conference Reports
38 p.

HIV and AIDS, Treatment Education, Technical Consultation Report was written by Justine Sass, Coordinator of UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team on Education and Programme Specialist in HIV and AIDS Education, in UNESCO's Division for the Promotion of Quality Education, Section for an Improved Quality of Life. This report presents the key points and recommendations that emerged over the course of a two day Technical Consultation on HIV and AIDS Treatment Education. It aims to: 1) Review the current status of treatment education at the global country and community levels and take stock of experiences, lessons learned, and good practices in treatment education; 2) Identify needs in the realm of treatment education, with a focus at this Consultation on treatment literacy and community preparedness; 3) Develop an action framework with key priorities for work in the near future for the various partners, including UN agencies, national authorities and civil society, taking into consideration the value added of each and encouraging joint programming; and 4) Identify how the UNESCO-led EDUCAIDS Initiative and the UNAIDS-led campaign on «Universal Access to Prevention, Treatment and Care» can contribute to treatment education. This document presents the salient points that emerged over the course of the Consultation and provides recommendations for future actions in the field of treatment education.

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