National HIV strategy for adolescents and young people 2016-2020

Policies & Strategies
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The development of a National HIV Strategy for Adolescents and Young People is in alignment with ongoing efforts to reduce HIV infection rates in Nigeria. Efforts have been made to address issues of adolescents and young people in previous plans. These include: the HIV and AIDS National Strategic Framework 2010–2015, the HIV and AIDS National Strategic Plan 2010–2015, the National Youth Policy, National Policy on Health and Development of Adolescents and Young People in Nigeria (2007) and its Strategic Framework (2007–2011), as well as in the National Action Plan for Advancing the Health of Adolescents and Youth in Nigeria (2010-2012). However, these documents did not lay out the specific strategic actions that needed to be taken by different stakeholders and institutions in a synergistic manner to achieve the desired scaled-up HIV national response for adolescents and young people. The goal of this strategy is to reduce new HIV infections among adolescents and young people in Nigeria.The target populations for the strategy are divided into three major groups: in-school youth, out-of-school youth, and key populations at higher risk.

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