Review of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) in Schools. A report by the External Steering Group

Programme Reports & Evaluations
28 p.

This report represents the views of all members of the external steering group that was established to take forward the commitment in the Children's Plan to: 'Review the delivery of Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) in schools'. It summarises how the review was organised, what evidence we considered to inform our decisions, the key challenges that we identified and the recommendations that we are making to improve SRE delivery. Chapter 1 sets out the measures that we recommend should be introduced, to improve the quality and consistency of SRE delivered by schools. Chapter 2 sets out the scope of the review and the way in which it was managed. Chapter 3 summarises the evidence that was used to inform our discussions and to help us reach decisions. In chapter 4, a summary of the key issues that we discussed are set out. Chapter 4 also explores the ways in which schools and parents should work in partnership to support young people on sex and relationship issues and identifies a number of issues where we felt that further work was needed, but which could not be addressed within the scope of this review.

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