Science. Junior secondary syllabus

Learning & Teaching Materials
Minstry of Education
77 p.

This document is a learner-centered junior science syllabus that consists of three disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Technology and Environmental aspects as well as the Population and Family life issues have also been incorporated into the above mentioned disciplines. This syllabus is designed for learners, who will be leaving school after Form C, as well as those that will proceed to senior secondary education, either specializing in Science or not; and those who will be studying Science at tertiary levels. The purpose of this document is to enable learners acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes in science and technology that would enhance permanent and functional literacy and numeracy for continuous learning and effective participation in social issues and activities. It outlines general, specific and end of level objectives, subject and learning outcomes, content and notes/tips/suggested activities for each form. The discussion of HIV and AIDS only appear in the Biology Section; where the issue of AIDS as a pandemic is addressed. The causes, signs and symptoms, transmission and prevention of STDs and the role of condoms are discussed, as well as, how abuse of drugs leads to high incidences of HIV and AIDS.

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