State of school feeding worldwide 2022

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World Food Programme
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Situation de l’alimentation scolaire dans le monde 2022
El Estado de la Alimentación Escolar a Nivel Mundial 2022
Estado da Alimentação Escolar no Mundo em 2022

The third in a series of regular reports that WFP is committing to provide, the State of School Feeding Worldwide allows for the continuing overview of school meal programmes everywhere in the world, focusing on national programmes implemented by governments. Each report will be published following a similar format, using the best available data sources to describe the scale and coverage of programmes. The series will serve as the official reporting mechanism of the School Meals Coalition and will continue to provide a succinct summary of new advances in school meals, outcomes and the partnerships associated with school meal programmes. This is not a report on WFP activities but an overview of the work of all actors involved in support of school meal programmes worldwide.

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