From statehouse to schoolhouse: Anti-bullying policy efforts in U.S. states and school districts

Case Studies & Research
New York
108 p.

From Statehouse to Schoolhouse: Anti-Bullying Policy Efforts in U.S. States and School Districts fills an important gap in our understanding by examining: The prevalence of anti-bullying policies in all U.S. public school districts; The status of state anti-bullying laws, regulations, and policy guidance (i.e., model policies or guidelines for policy development) at the time of district policy collection; The inclusion of three key elements in district policies and in state laws, regulations, and policy guidance: ––Enumerated protections for students, including explicit prohibitions against bullying based upon students’ actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity/expression; ––Professional development requirements for staff on bullying and harassment; and ––Accountability for incident reporting to the district and/or state levels; Implementation of provisions in state laws, regulations, and policy guidance at the local school district level; The role of district anti-bullying policies in LGBT students’ school experiences, including: ––LGBT students’ awareness of protections provided to them by their districts; and ––Whether the existence and content of district anti-bullying policies (LGBT enumeration, professional development, and accountability requirements) relates to improved school climates (e.g. greater safety, more effective educator response to anti-LGBT bullying).

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