University of Zimbabwe life skills module 2009. Manual for entry level university students

Learning & Teaching Materials
162 p.

When students come from various community set-ups, they come with their own expectations of life. The university, being a new environment is a stressor on its own. Lack of knowledge of the surroundings, fear of the unknown, meeting new people including the facilitators of learning will compound the fears of the new comer. Students who enroll at institutions of higher learning including universities have to struggle with determining a positive direction in life, potential unwanted pregnancies, issues of drugs and alcohol, HIV/AIDS/STIs, peer pressure, orphanhood, ill or dying parents, heading households and many such issues. Development of coping skills becomes critical in order to achieve goals and develop healthy, positive lifestyles. This life skills, HIV and AIDS course is a behavior change intervention that focuses on the development of the skills necessary for a healthy, positive lifestyle and HIV/AIDS prevention. It addresses the development of the whole individual so that the person will have skills to make use of all types of information, whether it be HIV/AIDS, STIs, reproductive health, safe motherhood, communication, decision making and such like. It is hoped that University of Zimbabwe Lifeskills Module 2009 through this course, the student will develop communication, decision making, critical thinking, assertiveness, self esteem building, resisting peer pressure, relationship, emotion management and other such skills that will make the student realize their full potential and achieve their goal. This manual was developed to be used by university students particularly entry level students.

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