Report of the technical meeting of Building School Partnership for Health, Education Achievements and Development

Conference Reports
93 p.

The purpose of the meeting was to set direction and provide leadership to meet future challenges in promoting health through schools, with a focus on addressing the wider determinants of health. The term "through schools" refers to involvements with students and their families, staff members in schools as well as interactions with the local communities. Where there are no schools, efforts must be made to establish schools and provide access to education. The specific objectives of the meeting were: To review the current state-of-the-art in school health promotion and explore ways to translate evidence into policy and practice, particularly in low and middle income countries; To explore approaches that aim to address the wider determinants of health (including social and economic causes of poor health and negative media influences) and reduce health and education achievement gaps between students from low and high socioeconomic strata; To derive strategic directions and recommendations for priority actions on promoting health, education achievements and development through schools and on building school partnership.

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