Addressing gender relations in HIV preventive education

Case Studies & Research
UNESCO Institute for Education
43 p., illus., tabs.

This publication is one of the materials produced by the UNESCO Institute for Education for the project: "Developing Empowering Educational Strategies and Gender-Sensitive IEC (Information, Education and Communication) Materials for HIV Prevention" Their focus is on the educational strategies used outside the school system, which addresses the out-of-school youth and adults. The objectives of the project are as follows: i) To develop a gender perspective on HIV preventive education; ii) To review existing educational strategies and IEC materials; and iii) To develop empowering educational strategies and gender sensitive IEC materials. It contents are: 1) Towards Developing a Gender Perspective in HIV Preventive Education (a summary of the key points); 2) Constructing Differences in IEC-Materials (a condensed article from the dissertation of Dr. Mark Rothensee); 3) Developing Empowering Educational Strategies and Gender Sensitive Materials for HIV/AIDS Prevention (provide guidelines on assessing IEC materials); and 4) Harvesting Lessons and Showcasing Good Practices in HIV Preventive Education (discusses the main lessons from the workshops organized).

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