Assessing the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education: Towards a Responsive Evaluation and Research Framework for [the University of Botswana]

Case Studies & Research
11 p.

The article reports findings on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the University of Botswana. Data from multiple sources was used to ascertain prevalence rates, morbidity and mortality among students and staff. Prevalence rates and future projections on morbidity could not be ascertained for both students and staff because of the absence of reliable data. The main conclusion drawn is that mortality rates for industrial and junior support staff are almost as high as that of the national adult population (15-49 years). Mortality rates for students and academic staff are however much lower than that projected for equivalent age groups in the national population. The study recommends the setting up of a comprehensive management information system supported by action-oriented research to inform institutional planning and to help comprehend how the epidemic will affect the university.

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