Break the Silence

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Break the Silence, Wisconsin was a statewide gathering to raise awareness about the impact of bullying, homophobia, and transphobia in our schools. The LGBT Campus Center recently launched Stop the Silence: LGBTQ Anti-Bullying Campaign to address ongoing incidents in both the UW-Madison, and broader communities. Bullying toward students identified as LGBT, or those perceived to be, is a long standing issue. While a number of LGBT students have committed suicide in the last few weeks, this is by no means a recent phenomenon, nor does it truly reflect the pervasiveness of bullying that students face on a regular basis. The LGBT Campus Center regularly hears of bullying and harassment happening both on our campus and in our communities. These incidents, while commonly addressed as isolated events, and often downplayed, are part of a larger pattern happening nationwide. For many college students who are LGBTQ identified bullying is an everyday reality. While an incident of a student being called names or being spat on may, in isolation, might not seem significant; when placed in a history of bullying these occurrences are not inconsequential.

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