The curricular response to HIV/AIDS at Rhodes University

Case Studies & Research
Rhodes University
82 p.

In 2008 Rhodes University was awarded a European Union grant through South Africa’s national Higher Education HIV/AIDS Programme (HEAIDS), to support the university’s HIV/AIDS interventions. The Rhodes project — entitled ‘A Comprehensive Institutional Response to HIV/AIDS’ — comprised several components, one of which was to research the institution’s curricular response. Regionally, the curricular response in higher education lags behind all others in the sector — despite having been identified as a priority area for intervention. The findings from the university-wide curricular mapping – or tracking - process are presented here in three sections: 1) The Macro view, which traces HIV/AIDS curricular responses across the whole university; 2) The Mezzo view, in which responses across the six faculties are described; and 3) The Micro view, in which responses within the faculties are shown. The Micro view section includes short commentaries, illustrated with quotes, on each of the 39 departments or schools at Rhodes.

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