Double burden: a situation analysis of HIV and AIDS and young people with disabilities in Rwanda and Uganda

Case Studies & Research
Save the children
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This research was designed following feedback from field personnel suggesting that it was not clear how HIV and AIDS programmes in various countries responded to the needs of disabled children and young people. This analysis is written to help health workers, educators and policy makers, to address the specific needs of young people with disabilities in Uganda and Rwanda regarding issues such as marginalisation, poverty, education, sexuality; and to look at the determining factors regarding their vulnerability to infection and/or inappropriate management of HIV and AIDS. The main areas of discussion in this analysis are as follows: 1) Background review and current situation regarding HIV and AIDS and disability; 2) Aims of the situation analysis; 3) Methods; 4) Findings from Uganda; 5) Findings from Rwanda; and 6) Discussion and recommendations such as: vulnerability of people with disabilities in relation to HIV and AIDS.

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