The education sector policy and strategy on HIV and AIDS: responding to the challenges of HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia

Policies & Strategies
Addis Ababa
Federal Ministry of Education
28 p.

This policy has been developed in recognition of the devastating impact of HIV and AIDS on the education sector and the comparative advantage that the sector has in combating the epidemic through teachers, students and their families. The overall goal of the policy is to create an HIV free environment in the education sector in Ethiopia. The objectives of the policy are to: - prevent the spread of HIV in public/private and formal/informal education sectors by targeting learners/trainees, teachers, facilitators, families, children, and other education sector staff in the country; - mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on the sector by creating a supportive learning and teaching environment that is free from stigma and discrimination; - mainstream HIV and AIDS interventions into the education sector's structures and processes; - integrate HIV and AIDS issues as pertinent research topics of the tertiary level institutions.

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