Engaging men and boys in campaigning against sexual violence in Nigerian tertiary institutions

Case Studies & Research
ALIGN Programme Office
36 p.

This research, conducted by the Centre for Health Ethics Law and Development (CHELD) sought to assess the level of male engagement by Women’s Rights Organisations (WROs) involved in the campaign against sexual violence in Nigerian tertiary institutions. These organisations generally support policy development on sexual and gender-based violence in tertiary institutions, to establish sexual violence response teams, and undertake awareness creation and training of students on sexual and other gender-based violence. The study sought to examine the use and degree of male engagement as a strategy employed by WROs in the selected Nigerian tertiary institutions. It also sought to understand what role, if any, was played by religion and culture in the choice of male engagement as a strategy. Five tertiary institutions selected from the North and South of Nigeria, and 10 WROs were studied for this purpose. 1,496 students from the five tertiary institutions participated in the survey. Focused group discussions were held with students. Representatives from the WROs participated in key informant interviews.

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