Final symposium report. Social norms and collective behaviour: how education needs to transform to better contribute to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support

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The Symposium was convened as a platform to facilitate the exchange of experiences and review evidence from a range of partners (academic, multilateral, private sector) on how to support the education sector in better addressing the complex challenges of HIV and AIDS, and to carry out critical prevention, care and support activities. Specific objectives of the IATT Symposium included: Exchange experience on social norms and collective behaviour and their impact on both driving infection and influencing prevention efforts; Identify best practices for how to coordinate the education response at the levels of government, schools, families and community services considering both specific and broader issues with regard to HIV and AIDS prevention and protection; Review evidence concerning pupils' and teachers' levels of knowledge, attitudes, skills and behavioural intent with regard to specific and broader issues of HIV and AIDS; Develop recommendations for education strategies for HIV prevention and mitigation that consider social norms and rights as part of educational programme planning.

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