First Central American Seminar on HIV-AIDS prevention in educational systems

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San José
42 p.
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Primer seminario centroamericano Prevencion del VIH/SIDA desde los sistemas educativos

The objective of the seminar was to exchange successful experiences carried out on education for preventing HIVAIDS at the Central American level and; to generate regional strategies for advancing the prevention action with high impact within the framework of the national Education for all plans. Subjects analyzed in the seminar were: - Conference on the prevention of HIV-AIDS in Central America; - HIV-AIDS prevention, a challenge of the National Education for All Plans; - National Experiences Guatemala, Honduras Nicaragua, Costa Rica; - Systematization and presentation of the Salvadoran experience; - Progress and attention to HIV-AIDS; - Ethic of the school on HIV-AIDS, based on the UNGALS indicators; - Proposal for the elaboration of a regional program of Education for AIDS prevention.

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