Foundation for the future: meeting the psychosocial needs of children living with HIV in Africa

Case Studies & Research
Arlington, VA
21 p.

This technical brief describes promising practices in critical services related to the psychological and social well-being of perinatally-infected children (aged 0 to 12 years) in Africa. These include the identification, testing, and counseling of children so that they are linked to appropriate support as early as possible, as well as the provision of ongoing PSS to help children and their families manage disclosure, stigma, and grief and bereavement processes. The information presented in this brief was collected through a review of published and grey literature, as well as from interviews with researchers and practitioners addressing the clinical, psychological, and social needs of children around the world. This brief is aimed at helping program planners, implementers, and service providers identify PSS activities and approaches for younger children living with HIV and their families that can be integrated into their treatment, care, and support efforts.

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