The Friendship tree

Learning & Teaching Materials
Macmillan Publishers Limited
16 p., illus.

The 'HIV and AIDS Action Readers' aims to promote good health practice through extensive reading. They are designed to help young people to develop the knowledge, attitudes, self-esteem and skills needed to manage their relationships safely and happily, and to cope better with the crisis of HIV and AIDS, which is affecting all communities today. They are suitable for use across the curriculum: in literacy, social studies and science classes, as well as in after-school or community clubs. The readers are at three levels, within each level there is some development in reading levels and language is controlled. This story is about Chiwila, who is sad because her friend (Musosa) is sick. Her grandmother helps Chiwila to understand how she can be a good friend to Musosa and assist her in practical ways. By reading this story, children will be encouraged to empathise with other children who are sick or who have a sick friend, to understand what makes a good friend and how they can help each other.

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