Global consultation on adolescent friendly health services: a consensus statement

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29 p.

The paper presents a brief report, a presentation of consensus statements, the evidence-base for these statements, and their implications for actions. The objectives of the global consultation were: (1) to develop a common understanding of the health and development needs and problems of adolescents; their help-seeking behaviours; the role and contribution that health services could make to their health and well being; and the prevailing situation - in different parts of the world - in terms of the availability and accessibility of health services to adolescents; (2) to define best practices in what could be done to enhance the quality of health services to deliver them in a user-friendly manner, within the economic and socio-cultural constraints that exist in many parts of the world; and (3) to develop a consensus on a global research and action agenda in making it easier for adolescents to obtain the health services they need (which are of good quality).

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