Health & family life education, infusion guide, grade 4, draft for limited use (to accompany curriculum guide) (IBE appraisal)

Learning & Teaching Materials
Guyana. Ministry of Education
5 p. (15 p.)

Health and Family Life Education, Infusion Guide, Grade 4, Draft for limited use (to accompany Curriculum Guide) is a document edited by the Ministry of Education of Guyana in collaboration with UNICEF in 2005. It is made to assist teachers as they start the process of delivering life skills based Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) by infusion. The guide contains 3 Units: (i) Growing Up, (ii) Friendship, and (iii) The Environment. Each unit is divided into 5 topics developed in relation to the Units subject: (i) Education, (ii) Family, (iii) Health, (iv) Human Rights, and (v) Human Sexuality.

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