HIV-positive educators in South African public schools: predictions for prophylaxis and antiretroviral therapy

Case Studies & Research
Cape Town
Human Sciences Research Council, HSRC
56 p.

While it has long been suspected that HIV prevalence among educators is high, there has been no scientific study to assess this. Responding to the need for empirical evidence, the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) commissioned the Human Sciences Research Council-led consortium to conduct this nation-wide research assessing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, as well as issues such as the health status and attrition of our educators. The results of the research suggest that the high number of our educators living with AIDS is cause for serious concern. This report is part of a broader report and presents predictions for prophylaxis and antiretroviral therapy. The ELRC, as representative of both employer and unions, is best suited to facilitate the means to address the recommendations of this study.

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