Kenya: In the Shadow of Death: HIV/AIDS and Children's Rights in Kenya

Case Studies & Research
Human Rights Watch
35 p.
Periodical title
Human Rights Watch, vol. 13, no. 4

Depicted as an economic, social and development crisis, HIV/AIDS is less well understood as a human rights crisis, though the rights of persons living with and at risk of AIDS have figured in AIDS policy development from the beginning. Exploring these ideas, the document compares the treatment of the epidemic with the policies for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections and other stigmatized illnesses. The group hardest hit is children, due to their inability to provide for themselves and in many cases, the lack of education. In Kenya, AIDS affected children face many obstacles to staying in school and fulfilling their right to education. They are often victims of property stealing and may never even be aware of their rights of inheritance. This documents discusses much of the legal background behind Kenyan law and international law to put the situation in perspective and then probes further into the state of AIDS affected children.

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