Literature review on school-related gender-based violence: how it is defined and studied

Literature Reviews
Washington, DC
vii, 150 p.

A review of the SRGBV literature serves several purposes. First, it identifies overarching SRGBV types or categories with the intent to assist researchers and the international development community to align more closely around common SRGBV definitions. Greater definitional agreement will contribute to the expansion of the evidence on effective SRGBV interventions and will allow for greater comparability of research, and the identification of research gaps. Second, this review provides a global overview of the common methodologies observed across SRGBV studies and evaluations and contributes to a clearer understanding of the research trends, strengths, and weaknesses for consideration when conducting studies and evaluations of SRGBV. The findings serve to better inform SRGBV prevention activities, future investigations of SRGBV and more effective measurement of SRGBV. Third, this review is informing USAID's development of a companion document, Conceptual Framework for Measuring School-Related Gender-Based Violence, that will provide development partners and researchers with a conceptual framework and measurement tools to inform programming and research protocols. Finally, a review of the methodologies used to examine SRGBV may provide guidance to policymakers, other program designers and researchers in many countries who are grappling with the same set of issues around SRGBV. The wide variety of sectors where SRGBV is studied underscores the comprehensive nature of the SRGBV issue and the broad base of factors that mediate its occurrence, manner of presentation, and intensity. Tapping into this broad literature base is important because it will extend the frame from which researchers and implementers design further investigations and prevention programs.

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