Mitigating HIV/AIDS' impacts on teachers and administrators in Sub-Saharan Africa: a working paper by staff of the National Academy of Public Administration

Conference Reports
Washington, DC
National Academy of Public Administration
18 p.
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Academy International Affairs Working Paper Series

The National Academy of Public Administration convened a conference on Crafting Strategies to Mitigate the Impacts of HIV/AIDS on Teachers and Civil Servants in Sub-Saharan Africa in an effort to raise attention to the fact that the pandemic not only tragically affects the general public in Sub-Saharan African countries, but also teachers and civil servants with dire consequences for education and governance. The conference was held on November 17-18, 2003, with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development's Africa Bureau, Education for Development and Democracy Initiative, with matching funds contributed by the Academy. The conference brought together policy makers and researchers representing Sub-Saharan African countries, multilateral agencies including the World Bank and United Nations, bilateral agencies including the Peace Corps and USAID, representatives from non-governmental organizations, ambassadors, and Academy Fellows. This paper is a summary of the conclusions of the conference, updated in 2005 to include recently available material.

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