The response of teacher training institutions to HIV and AIDS: a case study of Ethiopia

Case Studies & Research
77 p.

This book explores the current situation with regard to HIV and AIDS in four teacher training institutions in Ethiopia. It aims to analyze their responses to the pandemic and the measures taken to mitigate its impact. Despite the fact that the ministry of education has put in place a nation-wide information system, with the technical assistance of UNESCO, from the federal to the school level, there are no records kept, including impact and response. None of the colleges have developed HIV and AIDS policies, nor have they ever conducted any related planning. This study identifies core issues that impede effective and co-ordinated responses to HIV and AIDS, as well as the level of competency of teachers to address the topic in their teaching and research activities. It puts forward a number of recommendations for impact mitigation, institutional response and leadership, HIV and AIDS prevention education, and treatment, care and support.

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