News | 23 Mar 2021
International thematic meetings on bullying

The whole-education approach to bullying prevention

UNESCO and the World Anti-Bullying Forum invite you an ongoing series about school bullying. Four virtual meetings will be held between March and September, contributing to the preparation of the 2021 World Anti-Bullying Forum, to take place in Stockholm on 1 – 3 November.

Line-up of 2021 international meetings:

Tuesday 23 March 2021: Whole education approach to bullying prevention

The first meeting explored the whole-education approach to bullying prevention, recognising that the only way to put an end to school bullying and cyberbullying is for schools to work together with the community, including education, technological and societal systems.

Tuesday 4 May 2021: Revisiting the definition of school bullying

The second meeting looked at how the definition of school bullying is being revisited to help develop more comprehensive and targeted initiatives to tackle bullying in all its forms. What aspects should be considered for a more expansive and inclusive definition?

Tuesday 6 July 2021: Bullying involving children with disabilities

The third meeting looked at the scope and nature of school bullying involving children with disabilities, factors that increase their vulnerability and exposure to bullying and examples of targeted responses.

Tuesday 7 September 2021: The role of teachers in preventing and addressing bullying and cyberbullying

The fourth meeting will look at what teachers think about school bullying and how they address it in schools. Findings from several studies commissioned by UNESCO will be presented for the first time during the meeting.