What's next? Lessons on Education Recovery: Findings from a Survey of Ministries of Education amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Case Studies & Research
New York
Washington, DC
World Bank
55 p.

This report presents key findings from the 3rd round of the UNESCO-UNICEF-World Bank-OECD survey, although in some cases, data from the previous two rounds and some other sources were also used. The report has eight sections. Section 1 addresses the potential learning losses implied by school closures and policies related to school calendars and curricula. Section 2 investigates various policy adjustments on learning assessment and examinations. Section 3 addresses distance learning modalities deployed and the policies and strategies implemented to ensure equity and boost access to and effectiveness of online learning. Section 4 addresses policy implementations to support teachers and education personnel. Section 5 addresses school reopening management and health protocols for all students. Section 6 addresses system-level responses in education financing. Section 7 investigates the locus of decision-making of public institutions during the pandemic. Finally, section 8 provides an overall conclusion.