News | 11 Sep 2023
Comprehensive Sexuality Education Research and Evidence Survey


Developed by the Global Partnership Forum (GPF) on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), a collective of over 65 global organisations,  co-convened by UNESCO and UNFPA, this new Research and Evidence Survey has been launched to collect updated information on research studies and evaluations completed within the last five years on CSE. 

The study objective is to understand, gather and systematise what has been done at national/regional levels. By identifying lessons learned, best practices and areas of opportunity to adapt and implement CSE in different contexts, this increased pool of evidence on CSE helps cement the importance, relevance and impact of quality CSE for the health and well-being of young people and nations, as well as for achieving the SDGs.

The team, led by the GPF Research Working Group, hopes to verify and support the global necessity of CSE with data for advocates, policymakers and governments. This can only take place by the contribution and knowledge sharing from global colleagues. 

Please do contribute to this survey and share with research fellows to ensure we are working together: sharing knowledge, identifying gaps, reducing duplication and corroborating learning to move forward together. Submissions requested by 6 October 2023. 

Participation available in: Arabic, English, French and Spanish. 


Find out more about the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education here.