Adolescence: building solid foundations for lifelong flourishing

Case Studies & Research
WHO Regional Office for Europe
32 p.
Periodical title
Entre Nous: The European Magazine for Sexual and Reproductive Health, 80

Adolescence is a decisive age for girls and boys around the world. What they experience during their teenage years shapes the direction of their lives and that of their families. Investments in adolescents’ education and health are life-time investments that are likely to have positive effects on behaviours and lifestyles during their entire life course. For many young people the mere onset of puberty that occurs during adolescence marks a time of heightened vulnerability. Girls in particular are at increased risk of leaving school prematurely, exposure to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), early marriage and early pregnancy and sexual exploitation, coercion and violence. Boys also face some of these risks, albeit generally to a lesser extent. Adolescent girls often encounter greater difficulties than older women in accessing SRH care, including modern contraception and information on how to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and STIs. This edition of Entre Nous focuses on adolescents’ health with the aim of contributing to raising awareness of the challenges being faced and charting out trajectories for concrete solutions.

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