Becoming a responsible teen adaptation kit. Tools and resources for making informed adaptations to BART: Becoming a responsible teen

Learning & Teaching Materials
Santa Cruz, CA
ETR Associates
124 p.

Although the primary goal of Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART) is to decrease HIV infection among African-American adolescents ages 14 to 18, the curriculum also includes topics and activities relevant to teen pregnancy prevention. Teens learn to clarify their own values about sexual decisions and pressures, as well as practice skills to reduce sexual risk taking. These skills include correct condom use, assertive communication, refusal techniques, self-management and problem solving. Abstinence is woven throughout the curriculum and is discussed as the best way to prevent HIV and pregnancy. The target audience for BART is African-American, Hispanic and White adolescents, ages 11-13, who attend middle schools and youth-serving community-based programs. The curriculum has 12 hours of content divided into 90-minute sessions. It could be implemented in eight sessions of 90 minutes each or in six two-hour sessions. At the completion of BART, youth will be able to: State accurate information about HIV and AIDS, including means of transmission, prevention and current community impact; Clarify their own values about sexual decisions and pressures; Demonstrate skills in correct condom use, assertive communication, refusal, information provision, self-management, problem solving and risk reduction. Curriculum Sessions: Session 1: Understanding HIV and AIDS; Session 2: Making Sexual Decisions and Understanding Your Values; Session 3: Developing and Using Condom Skills; Session 4: Learning Assertive Communication Skills; Session 5: Practicing Assertive Communication Skills; Session 6: Personalizing the Risks; Session 7: Spreading the Word; Session 8: Taking BART with You.

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