Free2Be... Yet?: The second national study of Australian high school students who identify as gender and sexuality diverse

Case Studies & Research
Western Sydney University
56 p. + 2 p.

This report details the findings from a second nationwide survey of gender and sexuality diverse Australian secondary school students. The name, while also intended to signal the continuation of the original line of research, was designed to highlight the central research question for teenagers: Is your school a place where it is safe for you to be yourself? Are you free to be you? The project’s core aims were to: 1) gain a better understanding of how gender and sexuality diverse high school students aged 13-18 years old experience their school’s ethos, referred to here as school climate, with regards to gender and sexuality diversity in the broad sense, and; 2) to investigate links between students’ reported school climate and various measures of their school wellbeing and associated academic outcomes. Where possible, the research intended to generate comparisons across the two studies, to investigate shifting trends. This research complements and extends numerous recent Australian studies which underscore the discrimination experienced by gender and sexuality diverse students in particular environments as well as the positive impact of a supportive school climate, as experienced by others.

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