Peer eduction in sexual and reproductive health for HIV-Positive Youth in Romania. Pilot project. Final report

Programme Reports & Evaluations
14 p.

UNOPA (the National Union of Organizations of Persons Infected/Affected by HIV/AIDS in Romania) is concerned with the fact that HIV-positive youth lack sufficient knowledge and skills that might help them adopt risk-free behaviors in terms of reproductive health, all the more so that HIV-positive young women becoming pregnant need special information and care to adequately protect themselves and the health condition of their babies. May through September 2006, UNOPA developed and implemented a pilot intervention aimed at building the institutional capacity of its member organizations in providing peer-education services to HIV-positive youth in Romania with regard to sexual and reproductive health. The goal of this pilot project was to support UNOPA efforts to meet the specific needs of its beneficiaries that are either teenagers or young adults, thus promoting the right of HIV-positive youth to have access to quality information and knowledge on reproductive health / family planning.

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