Safe space for young people: a review of the school AIDS education program

Policies & Strategies
New Delhi
135 p.

The School AIDS Education Program (SAEP) is a key intervention that aims at providing preventive education to young people in schools and is a critical component of the preventive intervention for the general community as no other institutional system reaches as many children as the school system. The main objective of the SAEP is to equip every young adult who passes out of school, with basic knowledge about HIV, so that each young person has correct knowledge and skills to protect themselves from HIV. The purpose of this document is to present the findings following analysis of the evaluations conducted or currently in progress. This includes collating existing evaluation studies, concurrent assessments and the summary paper on School AIDS Education developed by NACO and UNICEF and updated on a quarterly basis, and reviewing and analyzing the findings from different assessments and summary documents. In addition interviews of key personnel in the State AIDS Control Societies were carried out to fill in the information gaps.

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