Survey on health seeking behaviour of women working in the entertainment sector in Phnom Penh

Case Studies & Research
Phnom Penh
Center for Advanced Study
43 p.

The report on a research study to explore the situation of these indirect sex workers, their needs for STI services and possible barriers to accessing STI services conducted by Pharmaciens sans Frontieres. The study revealed that young women working in karaoke parlours and night-clubs were less likely to be aware of STIs and had limited access to STI treatment services. Some were aware about the transmission and prevention of HIV infection and the use of condom as an effective means of preventing HIV, STIs and pregnancy. However, the knowledge was limited and not always correct. The information was obtained from a variety of non-medical sources and was a mixture of fact, fiction and rumour. All the women interviewed expressed the need for HIV and STI education and STI services.

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