Talking sexual health. National framework for education about STIs, HIV/AIDS and blood-borne viruses in secondary schools

Policies & Strategies
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The purpose of the Framework is to inform and support education authorities and whole school communities to implement education that reflects the complexity of issues related to STIs, HIV/AIDS and blood-borne viruses (BBVs). The Framework has five key components for the development and delivery of a comprehensive education that focuses on STIs, HIV/AIDS and BBVs, which are based on the most current national and international research. These include: Taking a whole school approach – developing partnerships; Acknowledging young people as sexual beings; Acknowledging and catering for the diversity of all students; Providing an appropriate and comprehensive curriculum context; Acknowledging the professional development needs of the school community. Each key component is supported by strategic advice, which will help in the reviewing and development of policies, and will help to guide the development and evaluation of curriculum, resources and professional development programs. The Framework will also assist in the development of approaches to support and include the experiences of all students. The Framework is designed to give educational institutions flexibility to treat sensitive issues in a manner that reflects their own ethos.

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