Vy zhivete v Rossii? U vas est' deti? Vashi deti - podrostki? Esli vash otvet - da, etot buklet dlja vas! ("Do you live in Russia ? Do you have children? Are your children teenagers? If your answer is yes, this brochure is for you.")

Learning & Teaching Materials
8 p., illust.

This little brochure was developed in the framework of the Focus-Media Fund campaign "Realise your right to Health!", taking place in ten regions of Russia in 2007. It is intended for parents of Russian teenagers. Its aim is to raise parents' awareness on the fact that their children may be affected by HIV, and that parents have an important role to play in order to prevent them from it. The brochure begins with statistical information to raise parents' awareness on the actual risks for their children to be infected. Then, it explains what parents can do to help their children: providing them with accurate information on HIV and AIDS and improving their sense of responsability regarding their health. Finally, it gives basic information on HIV and AIDS: what is HIV, what is AIDS, what are the means of transmission? How HIV does not transmit? How to know if one has been infected?

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