Zambia. Ministry of Health

Policies & Strategies
Policies & Strategies | 2011

Adolescent health strategic plan 2011 to 2015

The national Adolescent Health Strategic Plan 2011 to 2015 (ADH-SP 2011- 2015) for Zambia, seeks to outline the strategic framework for promoting the planning, organization and delivery of appropriate, accessible, efficient and effective Adolescent Friendly Health Services (ADFHS) throughout the

Policies & Strategies
Policies & Strategies | 2000

Reproductive health policy

The objectives of this reproductive health policy are: 1. To enhance reproductive health information and service provision so that all individuals and couples will be able to achieve their reproductive intentions while upholding their reproductive rights; 2.

Case Studies & Research
Case Studies & Research | 2010

Zambia sexual behaviour survey 2009

The main objective of the ZSBS 2009 is to obtain national estimates of a number of key indicators (including international standardized indicators) important to monitoring progress of the national HIV/AIDS/STDs programme.