Plan International's comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) programme standards

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Normes de Plan International en matière d'éducation complète à la sexualité (ESC)
Estándares en educación integral en sexualidad (EIS) de Plan Internacional

To support Plan International and partner staff, educators and implementers in formal and non-formal settings to deliver effective and quality CSE, we have developed a series of 14 CSE programme standards. These standards comprise a comprehensive, human rights-based, sex-positive, gender transformative and inclusive approach towards sex and relationships for children and young people, from early childhood to adulthood. These standards are based upon international evidence and good practice. Our approach aims to provide practical support to strengthen comprehensive programming in three dimensions: Content, Delivery, Enabling Environment. The dimensions are inter-connected and the ideal scenario is that we work on all standards as a whole. However, we recognise that the journey to comprehensive sexuality education can be challenging, and requires relevance to the context and opportunities that we have.

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