Relationships and sexuality education: a guide for teachers, leaders, and boards of trustees; years 1-8

Learning & Teaching Materials
Ministry of Education
56 p.

This book is a revision of 'Sexuality Education: A guide for principals, boards of trustees, and teachers' (2015). The Ministry of Education has refreshed these guidelines to make explicit the key learning at each curriculum level. This key learning includes ideas for building a young person’s life skills – emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental. The revised title reflects the Ministry’s focus on relationships as an essential part of sexuality education. The guidelines are intended for all state and state-integrated English-medium schools in Aotearoa New Zealand with ākonga (students) in years 1–8. Its overall aim is to enable these schools to deliver effective, quality programmes covering relationships and sexuality education (RSE). It describes a school-wide approach to RSE focused on the idea of wellbeing.

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