Do you know how it is to live in the shadow? report on the state of human rights of people living with HIV/AIDS and most at risk groups

Case Studies & Research
UNDP Croatia
106 p.

This report is structured in several chapters which approach the issue of human rights and people living with HIV/AIDS in Croatia. The introductory chapters are followed by several texts on most at risk groups included in this project. These include overviews on men who have sex with men; injecting drug users; women and HIV; and young people. The problems met by the members of these groups regarding HIV/AIDS, as well as their position in the Republic of Croatia are explained in detail in the texts. In order to better understand the human rights situation of people living with HIV/AIDS and most at risk groups, the project included a nationwide study. In cooperation with organizations dealing with people belonging to any of the target groups, we conducted surveys the results of which are shown in the chapter entitled Survey results. The analysis is accompanied by an analysis of the focus group results, held with people living with HIV/AIDS. The aim of the focus group was to obtain deeper insight into the problems experienced by people living with HIV/AIDS in Croatia.

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